Ambledown 2022 Gap Cover Renewal

To our Valued Clients,

Your gap cover insurance policy is due for renewal with effect 01 January 2022.

Ambledown have announced an average 4.91% premium increase of all their products, making it the lowest premium increase since 2014.

2022 Product Changes:

  • The Gap Cover 100 benefit has increased from 500%, less the medical scheme reimbursement rate, to 600%
  • The overall policy limitation has increased to R177,800, in line with the Demarcation Regulations.
  • The premium waiver benefit has been amended and now covers the actual medical scheme contributions and Gap Cover premium following either the death, or the total and permanent disability of the principal member of the medical scheme, as a result of an accident only.

Claiming procedures:

  • Claims must be submitted within 180 days/6 months from the first day of treatment or the insurer will decline cover.

A Summary of the Ambledown Gap Cover Series:

Premium rate adjustments for 2022:

Although the Gap Shield, Gap Shield & Co-Pay, Gap Plus & Extend, Gap Elite and Gap Elite Seniors have been discontinued, policyholders on these products continue to enjoy the cover they selected.

The Seniors range applies only to individual policyholders that elected cover after reaching the age of 65 – current policyholders that turn 65 will continue to pay the standard rates.

Please note that if you have changed your medical aid and/or plan, it is essential that you advise us as it may affect the gap cover that you currently have.

This is your opportunity to update your gap cover and it is recommended that , where possible, you upgrade to the maximum cover. Those members with Gap only (minimum cover) are strongly recommended to upgrade to at least the Gap Plus option as a large part of the claims submitted in 2021 are linked to co-payments.

Should you wish to change your product option, e.g. upgrade to the maximum cover possible, please contact us prior to 03 December 2021 so we can affect the changes for 01 January 2022 – change form attached. Please note that if you upgrade, underwriting and waiting periods apply to the newly acquired benefits.

Download Option Change + Debit Order PDF