Western Gap (Kaelo) Renewal Letter 2022

To our Valued Clients,


Your gap cover insurance policy is due for renewal with effect 01 January 2022

Kaelo are sending the renewal letter direct to you and you should receive it before the end of November.

2022 Product Changes:

  • The overall annual limit has increased to R177 800 per insured party, per annum
  • The Maternity Booster benefit (if included in your product option) now pays a stated benefit for additional expenses incurred as a result of child birth – limited to 1 maternity event per annum & limited to R3 500
  • There is a new benefit:- Child Casualty Illness provides emergency out-patient services provided within a casualty ward of the hospital for children under the age of 12yrs – limited to a maximum of 2 events & R2 500 per event & only applicable to after-hours treatment

Claiming procedures:

  • Claims must be submitted within 180 days/6 months from the first day of treatment or the insurer will decline cover.

Premium rate adjustments for 2022:

Please note that if you have changed your medical aid and/or plan and/or have new dependents, it is essential that you advise us as it may affect the gap cover that you currently have.

This is your opportunity to update your gap cover and it is recommended that, where possible, you upgrade to the maximum cover. Those members with Gap only (minimum cover) are strongly recommended to upgrade to at least the Gap Plus option as a large part of the claims submitted in 2021 are linked to co-payments.

Should you wish to change your product option e.g. upgrade to the maximum cover possible, please contact us prior to 03 December 2021 so we can affect the changes for 01 January 2022 – change form available below (click button to view and download). Please note that if you upgrade, underwriting and waiting periods apply to the newly acquired benefits.

Download Amendment Form