Running a business or working from home during COVID19?

Dear Clients,

COVID19 has resulted in both changes in our behaviour patterns as well as how we do business, this has impacted our use of both technology as well as our vehicles and homes. With a lot more people working from home, the need arises to ensure that your domestic household contents and/or buildings insurance policy is not negatively affected by the operation of a business from home.

Whilst the insurers all understand the issues we are facing with keeping our families and employees safe, the domestic insurance policy wordings have not been adapted and some may restrict or exclude business use.

To that end, if your household contents / buildings insurance are insured through our brokerage and you are now running a business from home or working from home as a temporary and/or permanent solution to the current crisis, please advise us so that we can evaluate the effect it may have on your policy.

Please send all queries to and we undertake to respond to you asap.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Stay safe.

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