Changes to Roadside Assistance

Dear Valued Cleints,

The below is applicable to all Guardrisk policies.

Please note that due to the increasing costs of towing and related services, the insurers have reviewed the Roadside Assistance cover and advise as follows…

The following limits will increase with effect the renewal date of your policy starting with the 01/06/2021 renewals:

  • Tow in service to the nearest approved dealership, repair centre or panel beater in the event of;

    • Mechanical Breakdown will increase from R750 to R1 000 per incident.

    • Accident Damage will increase from R2 500 to R3 000 per incident for vehicles under 3500kg if arranged via Trackbox.

    • All other limits remain unchanged.

At the same time, the roadside assistance premium will increase as follows:

  • Personal Insurance policies will increase from R15 per vehicle to R20 per vehicle per month.

  • Commercial Policies will increase from R21 per vehicle to R25 per vehicle per month for vehicles under 3500kg.

  • Roadside assistance on vehicles over 3500kg will be compulsory on the renewal of your policy starting with the 01/06/2021 renewals.

It is imperative that all towing services are arranged through the 24-hour call centre on 0860 100 814 or by activating the Trackbox app on your mobile device.

Towing authorised by you or emergency personnel on the scene of an accident, that was not arranged by Trackbox, will be limited to R2 500 (total cost of towing and storage) per incident.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Stay safe.

Kind Regards,