Western Gap – KAELO – Gap Cover – Renewal 2021

To our valued clients


Your gap cover insurance policy is due for renewal with effect 01 January 2021. Kaelo are sending the renewal letter direct to you and you should receive it before the end of November. Kaelo have kept the benefit structure of all products unchanged for 2021 but have increased the overall limit and the limits on the benefits to give you more cover. They have also added the following new cover to all plans:

  • Oncology Innovative Medicines – a value equal to the lesser of 25% of the total drug cost or R10 000 as it relates to innovative medicine

Unfortunately, for those clients that had the Oncology Supplementary Plan in addition to the Gap policy, Kaelo has advised that they are discontinuing the plan with effect 31 December 2020 and the premium currently being billed will no longer be charged from 01 January 2021. You will still be covered by the Gap policy and the Oncology Innovative Medicines benefit has been added to enhance the current Oncology benefit offering.

The 2021 premiums are as follows:

GAP 2021 Single 2021 Family
  Under 60 Years 60 Years and Older Under 60 Years 60 Years and Older
Gap R                    275  R                    358  R                    377  R                    491
Gap Plus R                    350  R                    454  R                    479  R                    623
Gap Select R                    403  R                    523  R                    552  R                    717
LPE (GAP) R                    284  R                    369  R                    389  R                    505

The Under 28 premiums option has been removed from 2021 but those members who opted for it last year will continue with the discounted rate – 2021 premium to be advised.

Please note that if you have changed your medical aid and/or plan and/or have new dependants, it is essential that you advise us as it may affect the gap cover that you currently have.

This is your opportunity to update your gap cover and it is recommended that , where possible, you upgrade to the maximum cover. Those members with Gap only (minimum cover) are strongly recommended to upgrade to at least the Gap Plus option as a large part of the claims submitted in 2020 are linked to co-payments.

You are reminded that Kaelo offer a Single and Family option. If an existing member wishes to reduce their rate to a single member premium, the existing policy will need to be cancelled and a new application form completed. Please contact us should you wish to amend your premium from a family to single or vice versa and we will send you the relevant form.

Should you wish to change your product option, e.g. upgrade to the maximum cover possible, please advise so we can forward the relevant change of option form to you. Please note that if you upgrade, underwriting and waiting periods apply to the newly acquired benefits.

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