SASRIA – Imminent Danger Security Costs Cover

Greetings from the McGuinness Team,

SASRIA – Imminent Danger Security Costs Cover (Protection of property prior a loss):

In light of the recent riots in KZN, we would like to highlight the above cover that can be added to a Commercial Policy as long as you have Material Damage cover on the policy, ie Fire, Office Contents, Electronic Equipment – please contact us if you would like a quote to add the cover.

SASRIA is the only special risk insurance company that has suitable security costs cover for imminent danger to assets due to strikes and riots.

You choose the limit required bearing in mind that the maximum limit allowed is R10 million.

It covers the reasonable security costs, preventative measures costs or protection of property costs incurred to prevent imminent loss as a result of a SASRIA related peril only

Cover is applicable and can only be activated on the following basis:

An active SASRIA peril should be present within 10km radius of your premises

Only registered security companies will be recognised

Indemnification is subject to average costs of security service over 6 months prior to claim

Cost does not include capital additions made to your premises

McGuinness Team Update

We have pleasure in welcoming Pamella Nell to our Team. Pamella has stepped into the Claims Administrator position and is ready and willing to assist you in this regard.

For your convenience, please note the updated Team details as follows:

Contact number: 031 818 0001

Jessica Erasmus – – Senior Underwriter

Adele Blignaut – – Underwriter

Pamella Nell – – Claims Administrator

Mike and Joanne are always available to assist and can be contacted as follows:

Michael McGuinness – – 083 776 4544

Joanne Prain – – 083 783 1305